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05th Apr 2013

Anatomy of a ‘Typical’ First Time Home Buyer

This graphic examines first-time home buyers, a group of people that have unique wants/needs and often are on a tight budget.

04th Apr 2013
best season to sell

When is the Best Season to Sell??

Are you wondering when the best time of the year is to sell your home?.....Look no further!

04th Apr 2013
best schools in toronto

Want to Buy Near the Best Schools in Toronto?

Living in Toronto school districts with the highest test scores won't come cheap.

04th Apr 2013
renovation return on investment

A Must Read Before Renovating!!

Thinking of renovating? This guide will show you where you get you the best return on investment.

02nd Apr 2013
home staging

Top 10 Home Staging Tips

These home staging tips will help your house look appealing and welcoming to potential buyers.

02nd Apr 2013

**Home Buyers** Why Sign a B.R.A??

What is a Buyer Representation Agreement? Why is it in your best interest to sign one?

Toronto Real Estate Market Update

Toronto Real Estate Market Update for February 2013.

28th Feb 2013
haven on the bluffs

Haven on the Bluffs

Live on the bluffs from $159,900! New development initiates long overdue effort to revitalize Kingston Road in Cliffside.

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